Paste v's Injection
What�s the story?

ORALX products have been used regularly in Australia for over 15 years by professional trainers, pleasure riders, hobby trainers and Olympic hopefuls.

These pastes are very palatable and accepted well . This is particularly important when dealing with young or fractious animals.

The less stress a horse is subjected to, the better will be its state of mind and physical well-being. The intrusion of regular jabs of the needle can often result in undesirable behaviour in the animal. The essential bond of trust can be broken, taking a long time to rebuild.

ORALX products are made from ingredients of the highest quality. The minerals they contain are amino acid chelates (for example, magnesium is bound to a lysine molecule, so it is immediately assimilated by the animal, and almost 95% is available). Although more expensive than basic minerals, they are up to fifty times more effective.

In addition to the obvious health benefits of using an ORALX product, consider these advantages:

� Palatable taste
� Administered orally, straight from the tube
� Possibility of infection reduced or eliminated when compared with intravenous, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection
� No needles, syringes or swabs
� Fast acting
� Measured dose
� Low stress method of administering required supplements
� Refrigeration not required

And, importantly, because they don�t swab and contain no prohibited substances, these products can be used up to the day before a race or competition. (except Cool & Calm)